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Very common in the Caribbean, here it's really caught on too. Brazil has equally stunning landscapes, and weddings in distinguished destinations bring many advantages: allowing several celebrations in one, usually taking place in spectacular settings, and also, they can fullfil that old wish of getting everyone together – literally everyone! – on an unforgettable trip. It's essential that the chosen destination has the necessary infrastructure for such an event, therefore, we have Jericoacoara at the top of the Destination Weddings list in Brazil.

The village is small in size, but huge in possibilities: Jeri is in the World's Trend Destinations. No matter the reason, if Jericoacoara is considered as an option for your magical day, we at will give you the best tips for this party to decorate even more our sandy little streets.

Beach weddings hold a special place in the hearts of many engaged couples around the globe. Imagine being outdoors, in a romantic beach setting, while the wind and waves bless this union. You can have as many parties as you like, and this is an alternative to complement the ceremonies held indoors. It's interesting for the couple to do a previous research on the establishments that organize weddings in the village, and one of the most famous and well-requested places is ClubVentos Jericoacoara. There, this dream can come true, in your own way. The Club is privileged with the best location on Jeri's beach front, providing an unforgettable sunset and a wonderful space for reception and wedding ceremonies. In addition, the team is prepared to make everything perfect on one of the most important days of your life.


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There is a team of competent professionals in the kitchen, who carefully handle the buffet with perfectionism. The Chef develops complete and broad menu options, offering variety and satisfying the most diverse tastes. Check out some menus that are available for this type of event.


Mini Wedding

Cold table - Assorted cheeses, Cold meats, Antipasti and pâtés, Bread and toast, Fruit and nuts.

Cold canapés - Octopus and potato skewers, Zucchini and parma rolls with Dijon mustard, Fish ceviche with sweet potato chips, Caprese skewers.

Hot canapés - Leek quiche, Cheese "pearls" with dried tomatoes, Shrimp coxinhas, Tapioca dadinhos with pepper jelly, Cassava balls stuffed with jerked beef, Mini ground beef sfihas.

Finger foods - Jerked beef escondidinho, Polenta cream with calabrese sausage ragu.



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Option I - Mixed leaf salad, Maxixe vinaigrette, Mini sautéed vegetables, Plain rice and baião de dois, Penne pomodoro, Beef stew with cassava (cooked with traditional bottled butter), Grilled fish fillets with Brazilian Northeastern moqueca sauce.

Option II - Mixed leaf salad, Chickpea salad, Grilled okra, Plain rice and 7-grain rice, Pupunha heart of palm au gratin, Shrimp linguine, Flank steak with mustard sauce, Grilled fish fillets with herbs sauce.

Option III - Mixed leaf salad with croutons, Tabbouleh, Grilled vegetables, Plain rice with laminated almonds, Funghi risotto, Bolognese lasagna, Plantain purée, Grilled fish fillets with shrimp sauce, Filet mignon with Madeira sauce.

Midnight snack - Mini cheeseburgers and Mini hotdogs.




Refreshments - Soda (Coca-Cola, Guaraná), Still water, Heineken beer.

Caipirinhas Bar

Drinks Bar



Materials and Structure

In addition to quality cuisine, the Club is also concerned about meeting your expectations with furniture, sound and lighting, providing a full experience. Check out what is provided to give even more life to your party.


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Material - 1 table for the cake, 20 dining tables, 80 chairs, 8 bistro tables, 24 bistro chairs, 2 gazebos, sofas.

Sound - 4 Eon 615 speakers, 12 JBL satellite speakers, 2 subwoofers, 1 DJ mixer with an input for receiving signal from the band's desk.

Lighting - DMX system (computer control), 6 moving heads, 2 Haze smoke machines, DMX RGBW reflectors for indirect lighting, blue DMX laser, Generator.


Additional information

  • The events are held until 12am (midnight), for additional hours please get in touch.
  • Decoration, cake and sweets are not included.
  • No awnings or other covers are provided. Naturally, the rainy season happens from February to May.
  • Again, not just the space is available for rental, buffet, sound, lighting and generator are also offered.



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