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Believe it or not, there is a lot more to do Jericoacoara than just sunbathing and drinking caipirinhas. The initial growth and popularity of Jeri really started from watersport enthusiasts travelling from all over the globe to surf here. Jeri is the windiest place in Brazil, and one of the best windsurfing spots in the world due to the wind and conditions. Once in Jericoacoara, it is impossible not to notice the vast number of windsurfers, paddleboarders, kitesurfers and surfers on the water, having fun and getting a great tan at the same time! Whether you are a complete beginner wanting a lesson or are competent enough to hire equipment, Jeri is a great place for sport.


Apart from surfing, windsurfing is one of the oldest extreme watersports. Equipped with a board and sail, windsurfers speed along the water at over 40kph, jump, try flips but can also ride the waves like a surfer. The wind consistently blows in Jeri from July to February, making it a must go destination for professional windsurfers to practice. During the windiest months, it’s great to just sit at the point and watch the windsurfers fly around.


Similarly to windsurfing, the wind conditions in Jericoacoara make for perfect kitesurfing conditions. Kitesurfing in Jericoacoara is done in Jeri Kite Zone, which is located just behind sunset dune. This area is great for beginners to learn in the lagoon, or for more advanced kitesurfers to try freestyle or ride the ocean swell.


Paddleboarding is THE sport of the moment. From A-List celebrities in Miami to young children in Europe, everyone is trying paddleboarding, and everyone is loving it! The reason paddleboarding is becoming so popular is that it is so easy to learn, accessible and fun in a wide range of conditions. In Jericoacoara, the small waves created by the point means you can practice surfing the waves, or with the right tide and wind, the flat water is fantastic for beginners to learn this sport.


One of the oldest practised sports on the planet, surfing was developed by the Polynesians to help catch fish thousands of years ago. Now, surfing is a sport loved by millions of people all over the world. Jeri is a great place to surf and the prominent surf culture becomes even more apparent at high tide, when almost every day you will see surfers of all ages and abilities on the water. Jericoacoara is a fantastic place to learn surfing or longboard.


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