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For many years, our Jeri received visitors (mainly Brazilians) who had the village included as part of a travel package. Lately this profile has changed and we see more and more visitors spending at least a week here. The reason: there is a lot to see! With so many activities, sports and landscapes to visit, we at plan a 7-day itinerary in Jericoacoara for you to be inspired and count the days to live this experience.


Day 1 - Arrival

As Jericoacoara is protected from the world because it is surrounded by dunes, getting here is not fast. If you are coming from Fortaleza or from the airport of Cruz, you still need to book a car with 4-wheel drive to reach Jeri. This path in the dunes usually takes between 40 minutes and 1 hour. Take the opportunity to enjoy the landscape on the way - it is sculptural! When arriving at the village, you must present the payment of the Jericoacoara tourism tax, which we recommend that it be done in advance over the internet, precisely to avoid queues at city hall posts that inspect the entrances to the village. After the bureaucratic procedures, it's time to check in at your accommodation, take a shower to rest and prepare for your first moments in Jeri. Arrivals to the village are usually at the end of the day, so we recommend that you go for a walk through our sandy streets and be enchanted by our local cuisine, crafts and hospitality. Try to go to bed early, as your adventure is just beginning.


Day 2 - Lagoa do Paraíso

Since we are in Jeri, let's start with the postcard that made the village so famous: the freshwater lagoons with wet nets. You can book a buggy to take you, or you can get a D20 at Rua São Francisco, which leaves according to capacity and charges R $ 20.00 per person for the ride. There are several tents on the lagoon where you can spend the day, with The Alchemyst Beach Club being the most famous of them. Ask your hotel receptionist where he or she points out. There will be a discount! Usually the lagoon tours end between 3 pm and 4 pm, and the journey back to the village through the dunes takes about 40 minutes. Arriving at the hotel, get ready and go down on the beach to see the famous and spectacular sunset of Jericoacoara on the Sunset Dune, which is on the left side of the Main Beach. The sun always sets around 5:30 pm, so the ideal is to arrive at least 15 minutes early to take pictures and follow the show. The Sunset Dune is a must-see postcard, understand?!



Day 3 - Tatajuba

The tour on the West side is one of the most requested by visitors. In this there is no way: you need to book a buggy. The first stop is at Mangue Seco, where you can choose to take a short canoe trip to see crabs and sea horses. Then, back on the buggy, you need to take the ferry and cross the river Guriú. The next stop is at Duna do Funil, popular for the practice of zip lining, escibunda and sandboarding. Finally, you arrive at Lagoa da Tatajuba, where there are several options of tents for resting, eating and drinking in simple style. If you are looking for something more sophisticated, we recommend the day use of Casa Uca, a hotel with a pool, bathrooms and a well prepared gastronomic menu that provide you with a sophisticated experience in a remote location. Once again, you will be back from the tour in the late afternoon. To pass the ferry back you depend on the tide, so make sure to schedule the time with your buddy - whoever lives here always knows the tide times, don't worry! After a well-deserved rest at your hotel, it's time to enjoy the night of Jericoacoara.


Day 4 - Walk to Pedra Furada

After so many walks, time to rest ... Don't even think about it! There is still a lot to do in Jericoacoara. Wake up early, have your breakfast of the gods that only the Northeast has and go for a walk. We recommend 100% the walk to Pedra Furada, another MUST GO postcard. First, go to the official website to check the tide table and see what time the peak of low tide is, as it is only possible to get to Pedra Furada on it. You will see when you get to the village that here the low tide is really low, and that the high is really high, so don't underestimate the times of the tide table and venture to walk those sides at high tide, because you will end up cornered and will need to wait for her to get down before she can complete her tour.


Day 5 - DayPass at ClubVentos Lounge

Spend the day at ClubVentos with a privileged view of the main beach of Jericoacoara. ClubVentos is more than just a water sports center. They offer a complete experience, from the adrenaline of sport to relaxation in the beach lounge, prepared to provide you with an experience that will never be forgotten. Besides having a first class gastronomy, with options à la Carte and super tasty snacks, and International Drinks. The lounge music is great making the day much more enjoyable. And with all this comfort, you still have a super shower to cool off on the sea. The sunset there is one of the most incredible in Jeri, it is very worth it!


Day 6 - Prea, Barrinha and Tree of the Sloth

Continuing in the discovery of the coast of Ceará, see with a buggy or rent a quad bike so you can get to know Barrinha and then spend the day at Prea, the neighboring beaches of Jericoacoara. Much loved by kite surfers, the region has been growing and increasing its options for day use by the sea and good restaurants - and with fresh and delicious food. After your day at Prea, stop by the Preguiça Tree, the last postcard you needed to complete the “Jericoacoara in experiences” collection. Go back by the beach and follow, once again, the show that our orange sunset gives every day. After passing by the hotel to rest and bathe, go to the main square to say goodbye to this trip that - we are sure - enchanted you from beginning to end. Oh, and check with your hotel reception if everything is ok for the transfer to pick you up the next morning. If your flight is in Fortaleza, you must leave the village of Jericoacoara 6 hours before.


Day 7 - Time to say Goodbye

Documents in the handbag, clothes and bikinis in the bag to dispatch, cell phones loaded and lots of story to tell.

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