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The coastline around Jericoacoara and the state of Ceará has unbelievably beautiful beaches, so beautiful in fact that it is hard to decide on which ones to visit. However, with help from you can make the right decision. We have selected the 9 paradisiacal beaches in Ceará, those little pieces of heaven on Earth that will make your trip here even more special.


1 Jericoacoara

If we are going to talk about paradise, then lets being with our favourite! But joking aside, you cannot say "paradise" and "Jericoacoara" in the same sentence because they are complete, synonymous with each other. Our Jeri is surrounded by dunes and is part of a National Park that preserves and maintains it as a place of natural beauty. In addition to the "sun and beach", we have lagoons that are real postcards, great wind for water sports, a village that is very charming - and that has enough attractions by day and night that make you go away already planning when to come back.


2 Icaraizinho de Amontada

In a list of "places created with care, affection and love", surely Icaraizinho de Amontada appears at the top. Its coast is 24 km long. 24 km of good winds (tip for windsurfers and kitesurfers), an emerald green sea, dunes and coconut trees that make up a simple and quite cozy fishing village. At low tide you can walk under the coral reefs, and at sunset you can see the immense sky with orange tones, with wind towers in the background. An ideal destination for those looking to relax and get away from the big cities mess.


3 Canoa Quebrada

Canoa Quebrada emerged like all the others: a fishing village. However, the beauty of it is a little different ... Surrounded by cliffs, you cannot keep your mouth closed with the immensity of that reddish wall. You can relax at the beach all day, and the centrinho (known as Broadway) our tip to go for the evenings. With a variety of restaurants and bars, Canoa Quebrada is a great choice for those who want to combine beautiful natural scenery without giving up the infrastructure, with facilities for eating, drinking and sleeping. 


4 Cumbuco

From the north side of Fortaleza, Cumbuco has its own fame. The strong winds blow there too, attracting windsurfers and kitesurfers every year. The ease of access makes the beach a top tourist point, obligatory for those who are passing through the capital of Ceará. The many options for fun include: sledding in the dunes, rafting, buggy rides, or simply a day exploring the beachfront stalls with restaurant, bar, restrooms, showers and children's area.


5 Morro Branco

If to the north we visit the Cumbuco, to the south we find Morro Branco. Although beautiful in itself, the destination was famous for being the scene of the recording of a Globo novel in the 80's. Morro Branco is itself a multitude of nature in one place. It has cliffs, dunes, river encounter with the sea, raft, buggy, crafts and much more. It is a destination that, certainly, deserves the visit. 


6 Praia de Ponta Grossa

Legend has it that even before Cabral set foot in Porto Seguro, Spanish navigators landed at Ponta Grossa. The community of Ponta Grossa is reclusive and maintains its traditions. Probably because they are more reserved, the region is mostly preserved and untouched. The cliffs are colourful and the coral tones blend with the sea, depending on the state of tide. This is not a mass tourist spot, and the accommodation near the beach is small in number; so if you plan to spend a few days in Ponta Grossa, plan ahead.



7 Flecheiras ou Flexeiras

Still almost untouched by man, the beach of Flecheiras attracts those who forgo comfort and refinement, and only want peace and quiet. Its surroundings are filled with natural attractions such as coral reefs that you can go out on foot at low tide (be careful, it can be slippery!), catamaran sailing through the mangrove, or simply rent an ATV and venture out to the nearby beaches. With comfortable meals and a gastronomy with stunning flavours, the destination is indicated by Cearenses and international travellers as a refuge for holidays where you need to recharge your batteries.


8 Praia das Fontes

Next to Morro Branco, Praia das Fontes can be both a place to go and stay and as a stop-off point for those travelling through. The beach does not have service stalls, but the waterfront hotels have great infrastructure for day use. Because it is famous and because it is close to Fortaleza, it is often filled with tourists passing by. Well worth a visit, the beautiful photos, the freshwater bath and the walk through the cave of the Mother of Water. 


9 Lagoinha

We close this article with a golden key, one of the postcards of Ceará: Lagoinha. Dark and fine sand, freshwater lagoons, endless coconut trees and the emerald sea is breathtaking. At one end, between two very red dunes, the beach makes a beautiful crescent that finishes with reefs in the sea. In addition to the breathtaking nature, the region is well equipped with hotels and restaurants for those looking for a good week's rest.



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