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Planning a trip can be a stressful experience, especially on deciding when is the best time to visit. Deciding on the places to visit according to the time that we will travel is fundamental so you can enjoy the best in the destination and usually those who plan to enjoy a beach do not even want to think about catching cold weather and rain. So knowing the best time to come to Jeri is key and will leave you with your expectations aligned with what to expect in paradise.

Annual averages here in Jericoacoara range from 35 °C in summer to 22 °C in winter. That is, cold is not a concern when travelling to Jeri, even in winter! Still, it is important to know details that will help you decide when to go to Jericoacoara.

The rainy season starts in January and lasts until the middle of June - when our beautiful lagoons are completely full! It may be a bit wetter but the wind is calm, and it does not mean that it rains the entire day, here things do not work this way. They are periods of rain showers that come and soon they go away, the sand dunes contrast with the green of the vegetation that at this time of year is full of life. The hotels and pousadas also often offer discounts this time of year.

If you are one of those who dream to see the famous sunsets of Jeri every day and do not want to run the minimum risk of passing a cloudy and rainy day from here, schedule your trip for the second half of the year, the months of July until December are the driest and full of blue skies!

From August to November Jericoacoara is filled by tourists from all corners of the Earth in search of lots of wind and adventure sports! Windsurfers and Kitesurfers come to our paradise this time of year because of the unbelievably consistent and strong winds. In addition to blue sky is the guarantee is of winds that can reach up to 40 knots at this time of year!

In truth, there is no 'best' time to visit Jericoacoara, as this little piece of paradise reserves particularities in every season, the climate has a strong impact on the landscape of the place and so we recommend you to meet Jeri in different seasons and choose your favourite!

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